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What is Hitmap?

Hitmap is an online platform that helps you choose and manage the best locations for your business, using different layers of data to estimate which ones will have the best performance.

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Why Hitmap?

The success of a brick-and-mortar store is heavily dependant on it's location. Factors like traffic, neighbourhood and passer-by disposable income affect sales directly. Up to now, determining the location for your next store was more of guess work than anything else. Stop guessing and choose the best location for your stores with Hitmap.

How Hitmap works?

Hitmap web app

We developed a maps based platform with friendly interface.

With Hitmap you can gather all the information you need to instantly evaluate your next store.

Environment multiple data allow you to understand your customers and visualize your growth strategy.

Accelerate the decision-making process by managing your open stores and opportunities for new locations.

Urban environment data.

We analyze more than 800 variables for your business.

Demographic information.
Where do your potential customers live?
Characteristics of the resident population as quantity, age, gender and origin, among others.
Socioeconomic groups.
How is your target audience distributed?
Classification of households by their total income and per capita income.
Points of interest.
What elements attract your customers to visit a place?
Stores and services such as shopping centers, supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, etc.
Urban mobility.
Where do your customers travel?
Floating population for different travel reasons like work, study, shopping and more.
Consumption patterns.
What do your customers buy and how much they spend?
Consumption of households in different areas to size your market share.
How do your near competitions affect you?
Other business locations could be your direct or indirect competition.

Our services.

We deliver tools to simplify location intelligence analysis.

Comparative reports
Comparative reports.

Compare two locations to understand the potential of their environment through demographics, mobility and commercial attractions.

Locations ranking
Locations ranking.

We generate an algorithm, adjusted to your business, that allows you to project sales and know the variables that make up the success of your next opening.

Zones recommendation
Zones recommendation.

We identify the best areas of interest in a city to optimize the searching of suitable properties for your business.

In-depth studies
In-depth studies.

We have developed a report with greater emphasis on the location environment and more details about the residential and floating population.

Cannibalization studies
Cannibalization studies.

We analyze the times and coverages of each location by implementing a specific model to assess the impact on each other.

Commercial mix studies
Commercial mix studies.

We have elaborated a study that gathers the current offer of the environment to identify the ideal mix of your project.

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